Miss Face Czech Republic

“Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest of them all?” Does it even matter what the answer is, if the mirror only shows us what we look like, not who we are? Beauty starts in your head, not in the mirror.

I’ve decided to attend a beauty pageant called Miss Face Czech Republic. It is a beauty pageant that does not only focus on beauty, charm and sympathy, but also on helping other people. I appreciate very much that in today’s selfish world we can still find people that want to help others. Combination of fashion, valuable experiences and charity were the reasons why decided to take part in this competition. Another reason was that I want to try new things and take some risks because I am not afraid of failing, I am afraid of not trying.

After three rounds of catwalk and interview, they announced semifinalists and I was one of them. I was thrilled to be in the semifinals because it meant I will have to stand on my favorite place-the stage. Being on the stage makes me come to life. I like the feeling, when all eyes are on you, watching every move you make.  That’s where I get the most energy.

And…I really do want world peace😉



Credits to: Wesnap, Miss Face Czech Republic


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