KVIFF 2017

Hello everyone, hope you are all having an absolutely beautiful week! I am back here after few weeks to share with you photos and experiences from 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

We’ve arrived to Karlovy Vary on Saturday 1.8., the day after the opening evening. We didn’t have time to soak up the atmosphere because the first movie started 15 minutes after our arrival. The movie was called “Los Perros”, which was a¬†psycho-romance from Chile with feminist elements. Despite the fact that the movie was extremely depressive, it was one of the best movies I saw at the film festival this year… I will not even mention the synopsis of the movie “The Untamed”, as it still seems unbelievable to me that someone can come up with anything like this. Also I have never fell asleep in a cinema, especially if the movie takes place in my favourite country France, but…I’ve never seen such a dull movie before!!

The despair and depression that we felt after the movies slowly disappeared when we ate the traditional waffle, walked on the colonnade and relaxed in the Finlandia Bar with coconut mojito.


Coat – ZARA

 Shirt РZARA

Jeans – NEXT

Shoes – TOD’S

Handbag – KATE SPADE

It wouldn’t be the right KVIFF without a party! We ended up at Radio 1 Party in Aeroport, where we danced to the rhythm of latin dance songs.


The next day began fabulously with breakfast in Grandhotel Pupp. It was a marvellous day with beautiful weather and big crowds of people, until we saw another depressing movie in the afternoon…

Except the artsy movies and dreary mood afterwards it was an amazing trip with beloved people!

Who was also at the KVIFF?:)



Top – ZARA

Jeans – MANGO

Shoes – TOD’S

Sunglasses – JOHN RICHMOND

Credits to : Elis Goto



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